Don and Dianne Alguire

We highly recommend our builder JODY KELLY

  • He listens and cares
  • He makes executive decisions when needed
  • He is a hands on builder never missing a day
  • He does detailing to perfection
  • He is a craftsperson
  • He is an excellent communicator
  • He advises when to get moving on purchases of our choice
  • He allows your choices unless he sees it is not going to work or fit the STRONGLY suggests subtle changes
  • He expects and insists manufacturers to stand behind their product, going with top quality
  • He completed our home on time
  • He is very loyal to his friends in this business

We always felt welcome with his polite courteous employees
We felt this to be happy place while watching daily our home being constructed
We trusted our builder to make decisions on our behalf and never let us down
This has been an overall awesome experience and we only wish we had built our home years ago
Come and visit our beautiful custom built home in the woods

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